And we are off….

I am going to apologize right away for the complete lack of “know-how” I have when it comes to writing, blogging, and pretty much all things computer or internet based. As you all get to know me you will see that that is certainly not going to stop me.

I guess I see this blog as a form of therapy for myself and if I’m at all lucky, a nice way to get out what is clogging up the corridors of my mind. It would completely ROCK if I am able to reach even one person who lost their smile. I have always told my “peeps” that if they ever lose their smile I have one they can borrow. To make someone smile, laugh, feel understood, able to relate, not alone, to give advice, to teach, to entertain, or just make someones time pass a little bit easier would be a dream come true.

As I write this I am realizing that helping people feel more alive and know more about themselves emotionally; to help people find out what makes them tick. I love I read or hear something that is so profound yet so very simple…. and end up wondering how the hell I lived all this time without it. When I am lucky enough to find these things I call them my “Truths.” So in conclusion, welcome to my blog of Stuff “n” Thing I affectionately call “My Truths” ( the stuff “n” things, not the blog ; )